World Wide Web

A fully functional visually appealing website plays a vital role with regards to the attention of the user and creating the users first impression of your business/organisation/the message you are trying to portray this then brings about the most important factor of functionality and usability of a website.

Do designers actually use the correct tools in the correct aspects in order to put to use in the best most possible way? This question should constantly flow through a designers mind when creating and designing a website.

The use of internet and technology is evolving vastly today, and the book once called the Yellow Pages … is clearly becoming a part of history. Although one would use it on the odd occasion, but the mere point that nearly just about every business and 10 households out of 12 have access to the internet, is a clear indication that the internet is a constant way of finding and searching for information and contacts through out this world.

The internet has surely become a very important part for many peoples means of communication everyday.

Google is a very powerful tool, as it is the biggest search engine that has been designed in the history of the internet and still today it keeps evolving to keep crawling over more than a billion websites, and by Google crawling websites for new updated content, this therefore makes the users usability and experiences to surf the internet quiet enjoyable, easy and practical.

Investing time and money into a website is definitely the best avenue to earn your business/organisation some exposure, if it is directed to your target market with the best areas utilised to attract the most attention that makes your business/organisation stand out and shine amongst the rest, then one would succeed in this regard.

A website is the chance that you get to fully express, persuade or even sell, to show off your organisation or business, or even your skills or maybe even your talents, a product, or a service in actual fact just about anything.

Form follows function …

Shereé Conway, Mariannhill Media

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