Content must be effective!

Content is key


Content plays such a crucial part of the usability of a website as well as on the social media platforms. We at Mariannhill Media have come across two perfect examples that one can find great inspiration from great jobs that are well done!

Mater Dolorosa Parish, set a perfect example for all Parishes and Dioceses. With an updated Facebook page of everything that happens in this parish, it is put onto Facebook. Homilies added as notes, just in case parishioners have missed out or want to track back or even just to be aware. Mass times are also featured on this page along with thoughts of current affairs that regard to the Catholic faith.

The content on this social platform, clearly needs to be updated on a regular basis, so that the community is informed. The effective use of Facebook, and the more one becomes informed … makes the user want to come back to your page!

This Facebook page, is loaded with content that could fill a web-site, yet its functional and work effectively on a social platform.

Bishop Stanislaw of Umzimkulu, has a fully functional website, designed and maintained by himself. Bishop Stanislaw has really raised the bar with this regard, having to maintain and update the website on his very own accord, with links like the Hope&Joy network. A fully functional detailed descriptors for every image that is in this gallery. I am thrilled and amazed to see a person of such a religious stature be so effective in the world of media.

Content on a website is always the important key factor regarding the aspect of maintaining a website, if this lacks then interest and value of a website are lost and the user find no reason to revisit this website.

This is a job well done, Mater Dolorosa Parish and Bishop Stanislaw of Umzimkulu.

– Mariannhill Media

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