Mariannhill Media re-launch Bishops’ NEW website

We at Mariannhill Media are so proud to announce the re-launch of the SACBC website, maintained and designed by Mariannhill Media.

The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference website, is one of Southern Africa’s busiest catholic websites.

There are many new features, where by one can be involved, it keeps you updated, has news and views, resources and contact details.

The role of social media, is also at a broader aspect where you can “Like” the Facebook Page or follow SACBC on Twitter and having YouTube connected to the Vatican Channel. With these aspects of media and technology, it makes one become more aware of such means of communication, which allows one to be informed.

With a very effective mailing list that allows the user to subscribe, to be informed about the latest news and views via your personal email, as well as downloading these newsletters, having this feature on the website creates a great resource for print media. The aim is basically for download ready print formatted pdfs t is to get the message out there to all the parishes by just one click of a download and print button, and to hang onto notice boards.

Users can subscribe to the SACBC Newsletter and are sure to receive, an informative, appealing and modern newsletter.

The new Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference website proves to be interactive and functional.

We hope you enjoying browsing this fantastic website just as much as we have enjoyed designing it!

Shereé Conway, Mariannhill Media

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