No longer hidden talent!

Philani outside his studio at the Mariannhill Monastery

Adorned in a security uniform every day at the Mariannhill Monastery to earn a living … yet one would never know what lies behind the power of this solemn mans hands.

When I had started at Mariannhill Mission Press in May this year, Rob had informed me about the magic Philani Nyawo could carve.

I hurried off to meet this talented wood carver. To my amazement Philani carves wooden sculptures in a little studio. They say size does not matter. This is a fantastic example that size does not matter, as he uses his studio along with his resources to the best of his ability.

It is so great to see that the people around Philani admire and have so much awe for his talent that the Mariannhill Monastery has given him this studio.

Philani’s wood carving of Jesus

At the Mariannhill Mission Press, we have a few of Philani’s art pieces that are on show and for sale. Raymond Perrier, the director of the Jesuit Institute, graced us with his presence yesterday and was amazed by Philani’s talent and purchased one of his first pieces of work.

We at Mariannhill were so thrilled to have helped Philani sell his first art piece. Philani was thrilled and is really so humbled by the help from Mariannhill.

It makes me think of how one would drive past Philani here at the Mariannhill Monastery … and what their thoughts of him would be …. People are so always so quick to judge on what they see first of a person … meantime under that security uniform classification is a humble, aspiring, talented wood artist.

At my accord, Philani is a humble and an aspiring self taught wood artist.

Visit Philani’s website and like his Facebook Page! or even make your way down to Mariannhill to witness and support such great talent!


You can contact Philani directly on 082 2185 456.

Shereé Conway, Mariannhill Media

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