Silence is golden

Sr Debbie and I – In front of the Nativity Scene that Sr had made and is set up next to the Altar, at the Deaf Catholic Church in Mariannhill.

Working with Fr John and Sr Debbie, who are part of the Catholic Deaf Community at Mariannhill, made me realise the importance of communication and yet also how sincere and beautiful the aura of silence is.

Sr Debbie, moulded and crafted wax figurines, and adorned them in fabrics that were waste, into beautiful rich vibrant coloured outfits. A beautiful Nativity Scene set up beside the Altar symbolises a rich feeling of the real meaning of Christmas.

Fr John mentioned that it is important for those to know and remember the true meaning of Christmas because many are swept away into the atmosphere of shopping and purchasing gifts and tend to forgot the real spirit and symbolism of a very important day.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Mariannhill team having helped Fr John and Sr Debbie with a website for the deaf community.

Fr John and Sr Debbie are warm hearted people who spread the word and work of God to those who cannot hear amongst the less fortunate deaf communities through out South Africa.

Working with Fr John and Sr Debbie has made me realise that in life, there are no limits, and that your heart can be set out to achieve big realistic dreams. For it is the spirit of God who creates the dreams we hold in our hearts, and with God anything is possible.

Shereé Conway, Mariannhill Media

I took this picture on my walk back to the Press. Amazing view of Mariannhill Monastery just outside the Deaf Catholic Church.


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