Social Media Shaping The World Of Communication.

As the social media platforms keep growing, it has arrived to a point where every ones daily lives depend on this form of communication every single day. Ever wondered how the number of people who are on these social platform stay so connected …. With smartphones being accessible to many people and its all about technology and the way in which is progresses vastly in the world of communication today.

It is so great to see that Facebook takes so much into consideration with regards to its design and structure. I personally feel that creativity is greatest the fuel of attracting the attention to the correct target market. The Facebook Timeline certainly proves to be a powerful tool at this aspect of creativity!

Social Media has become a massive social sector … from personal profiles, groups that one can set up for communities, pages for interests or businesses … It has even made running businesses or organisations more accessible – allowing interaction with the user on a one on one basis all the time, anybody can sell practically anything online.

Shereé Conway, Mariannhill Media

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