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It is important to utilise and engage the tools of new media. It is a great aspect where it is a path that can certainly proclaim the faith of the church. Technology is wonderous and has endless possibilities. It really offers a new way of approaching communication for any organisation, business and also for the church – to learn, to teach, and also to build an identity on these platforms.

With regard to having an identity on media platforms, one should be encouraged to share our faith in new ways! Many out there are hungry for inspiration, information and encouragement … so why wait … ? when we can spread our message to the world with such great tools at our finger tips?

It is amazing to see famous people like Lady Gaga or other famous people for that matter, and how they draw the most searches on Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other social platforms. Lady Gaga has 51 million likes on her Facebook Page …

It really makes me wonder where do we fit in on this form of media frame of becoming socially engaged to be equally effective at this new media stance. Why cant we as believers of Christ spread the important message to the world and also get such amazing ranks on such platforms … what is missing?

We should really have the urge to create an identity … but especially the Church, where content should be utilised among all platforms in order to have a classified identity on all levels ie. to be recognised!

It is always important to bear in mind that when we feed out messages onto the internet, that every person who engages will see your interactions so it is important to communicate socially but with a very smart approach.

New media also plays such a vast role in communication. It is instant, and it is all about the audience, it reveals really how easy and accessible it is to connect when we regard technology and place it into action. New media has a great form and surely has a great vital function with the aspect of spreading the light.

Technology is growing vastly, and people utilise these means as communicators for their everyday lives.

So when using this aspect to communicate, it should be to a point where the information or content for that matter should be always kept interesting to the user in a way in which they can fully understand the message being portrayed and at the same time staying intrigued.

New media can surely become a positive aspect to facilitate our faith with effective use, it can become a very important path of engagement and access to Christ and his Church.

We have our stories to tell the world and at Mariannhill Media we can help embrace the light in order to shine in various forms of new media!

Radio Veritas – 21 May 2012 “Lets Face It” – Rev. Billy

– Shereé Conway, Mariannhill Media


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