Parish Communication is Key!

Available to parishioners 24 hours a day, downloadable bulletins, online homilies, mass times, confession times and much more. Information accessible at any time of the day … but only if your parish has a functional, beautifully crafted website.

A parish having an identity on the internet basically consists of: a website (first impressions last even on the internet, so be sure it is beautiful and functional). Secondly, a Facebook Page and Twitter account, these allow a different approach to the interaction and building of a relationship on a social level.

It is key to have an active identity on the internet, this creates interest and also indicates that there is activity.

Many families have access to the internet and if a parish has a functional identity, the more interactive a parish website would be for parishioners. A parish website creates a sense of a welcome to new comers and this surely can contribute to the growth of a parish.

Instead of making announcements after mass, or even a bulletin for that matter, utilising the principles of communication are key including social platforms will certainly interact and engage with parishioners effectively. If noticed on the internet it certainly increases the awareness of the parish and this would be the key that would certainly reveal participation amongst all age groups within a parish.

The internet, has vastly become a primary means of communication in most peoples lives. Parishes should utilise this form of communication to help the life of a Parish transcend to a new level.

Websites are so helpful, being able to integrate databases and this ventures out to bulk mail outs, which are fantastic and coincide with a website so effectively. It really is the simplest way to communicate on a weekly/ monthly basis with parishioners. Beautiful designed digital newsletters, are the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to communicate to others.

It is vital to understand the importance of the internet and the many avenues of communication available. It certainly gives a parish the potential to be powered online in order to communicate effectively with its parishioners. Parishes need to embrace this amazing form of communication, there is so much that it has to offer.

Every parish certainly has the potential to shine their identity onto the internet …. why wait?

Mariannhill Media can assist in making this happen!

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– Shereé Conway, Mariannhill Media

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