The importance of visual communication design.

– Radio Vertias topic at 8pm, 14 May 2012, on “Lets Face It’.

Visual design is important role when designing a website, and especially for catholic organisations, having an identity can be so beneficial to communities and organisations.

Visual design is the foundation of a collection of ideas that the web designer would need to implement, to portray a look feel. Designs should seek to attract, inspire and motivate the message and point of view. This then would create an identity. If something appears attractive, professional and clean, the greater the chances of the user coming back to re-visit the website.

This is very important for example, if someone would like to make a donation to an NGO, having an appealing website with updated content indicates a proactive and regularly updated website, that would make the user want to be a part of or want to contribute.

The aesthetic appeal creates a personality – and personality basically sums up the overall characteristics of a community or organisation.


Visual design is equally important as it is plays a functional role.

Functional design and visual design work hand in hand.

Yet the importance of having a website that has a form that follows function, is rather crucial, this is the key, having a functional website that interacts with the user that still remains professional.

As a web designer, the most important thing is to virtually extract information from the Client and to visually communicate this information effectively.

And this should be executed in many forms such as: colour, layout, imagery, use of white space, styling, visual hierarchy and most importantly the correct content is key!


A websites appearcance can adds great value eg. for a Parish, where would pride exactly fit in?

Having an identity on new media platforms especially for a parish should be key. This would surely increase participation amongst parishioners as well as using many avenues for a website to become the centre of primary communication within a Parish.

Mariannhill Media has recently done a more in depth blog post on this subject matter called “Parish Communication Is Key”.


Web design comes with a process and needs to be implemented effectively.

At Mariannhill Media we embrace working with our clients rather than working around them. It is important to communicate on a regular basis. Communication is also important just like the design.

We go through a process of …

•  one on one meetings with our clients / Skype … is one our virtual communication tools, new media has no distance barrier.
•  gathering the feedback when loaded onto a secret server – testing a design.

Along with the process it is important to always keep in mind a few points while the website is being designed, such as:

•  Why do we have a website?
•  What do we want the website to do?
•  How are we going to measure its success?
•  What do we want users to do on the site?

If your organisation was a famous person, who would it be?

– Shereé Conway, Mariannhill Media

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