Mariannhill Media visits St John Vianney Seminary!

So proud to have gotten an amazing opportunity to work with Father Owen Wilcock, on the St John Vianney Seminary website.

While in Pretoria working on the Archdiocese of Pretoria website with Archbishop William Slatttery, I felt so blessed to have been around the corner from the Seminary and decided to give Father Owen a mini Mariannhill Media surprise visit.

Walking up the Seminary path way towards the massive doors made me feel like royalty and in a whole new world!

Thank you Father Owen for allowing myself and Rob to visit the seminary and for all the support!

Visit the St John Vianney Seminary website:

Sheree Conway – Mariannhill Media

sjv sheree and father owen

Sheree Conway: Mariannhill Media and Father Owen Wilcock: St John Vianney Seminary – Pretoria.

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