Sometimes we just need “something”.

Rob Riedlinger, the Managing Director of Mariannhill Mission Press, and I headed for Cape Town on Monday for various meetings, covering awesome projects that are being headed up by Mariannhill Media. We met with really amazing people from the Archdiocese of Cape Town and the Southern Cross.

Little did I know what an indescribable experience it would be; never have I known such heart-filled joy.

While in Cape Town we stayed at Nazareth House and were amazed by the great work that the Sisters do. They have a stunning website that tells their story, and I really felt inspired by what creative spiritual art can accomplish.

I feel excited and proud, that as a young Catholic with a career in the new media field, it is really possible to make a difference in today’s world. In recognition of the Nazareth Sisters, their work and their amazing story that they are telling, Mariannhill Media decided to give back  …

So often we are influenced by society and what is “cool” in the world, we get caught up with the moaning and groaning about what we do not have and what we still need… we fail to see the good that is being done.  I took a step back, and had to think a little deeper after having had a tour of the Nazareth House Children’s Home.

It really opened my eyes to appreciate everything that I have, not only in a material sense, but for just being the healthy person that I am… for being able to smell the fresh spring rain, to see the huge smiles of amazing people… and just being able to live my life fully in every way!

Sometimes we just need “something” to make us look at things from a very different angle and I am blessed to have been a part of this heart warming, life changing journey.

Sheree Conway, New Media Specialist at Mariannhill Media

Mariannhill Media. Making a difference.

Sr Memory, Gayenor Milne, Sr Veronica and Sheree Conway at Nazareth House, Cape Town.


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