“It is my turn!”

Yesterday I headed up a new media workshop with Father Laszlo Kaparti, of the Yithuba Lami Project which is a non profit organisation.

Father Laszlo is the big heart behind this really amazing project, striving to make a difference in the world with our future generation.

Yithuba Lami offers a range of services: street outreach, drop-in centre, centre for the protection of Human Rights of the child, bridging school and shelter. Yithuba’s rehabilitation centre is Dinaledi House.

What does Yithuba Lami mean?

“Yithuba Lami means; It is my turn – It is my opportunity”.

Thank you for Father Laszlo, it has been an honour to work with you on this life changing website!


yithuba lami

New Media Workshop: Sheree Conway and Father Laszlo Kaparti

Sheree Conway, New Media Specialist, Mariannhill

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