Make your Facebook Page more effective.

6 simple tips on how to make your Facebook page more effective and visually appealing:

About: Is your website the first thing listed?

Other Social Platforms: Always make sure that you have some information in the about section, you need to provide links to various other social media platforms that you have a presence on.

Cover Photo: Make sure your Facebook cover photo is designed to according to the right size, that way you can get more visuals into that space. The correct cover size is: w 851px x h 315px. Secondly is it designed creatively to capture your target market that you aiming for?

Profile Photo: Does this reflect your organisation or company clearly and effectively?

Content: It is important to engage with your fans with content that they will not get anywhere else … add in current affairs and what is happening around you but still stick to your target market – do not wonder off with this yet include it to a minimal extent. Always ask yourself what type of content is my organisation sharing? or if a company … What type of content is my brand sharing?  Is the content valuable and relevant? Does my content communicate to your target market?

Engaging: It is important to like your fans comments and to respond if they ask you any questions, this adds a personal touch and allows those to be acknowledged.

What has worked for you to make your Facebook Page more effective? Feel free to share with us below.

Sheree Conway, Mariannhill Media

Categories: Media News