Mariannhill Media in Modernisation Mode

For a long time, it is has been a priority of ours to modernise and ease the way customers can order websites and additional services. We’ve decided to use our website as an automated tool to give interested and potential customers the capability of reading through our various website service offerings, selecting the option that works best for their website and new media needs, and placing their order accordingly. We’ve essentially created an online service store right from our website.

From our website, customers now have the ability to browse through our various website packages and additional services, which can be used to optimise their chosen website package further. Listed below are more details of these services:

Website services screenshot


  • The Bronze Package – This package is essentially for small or startup businesses on a low budget. This package allows for 5 customisable pages to be created on the website. These pages are generally the most important aspects of the company and serves as online headquarters for the company to inform customers that the company has on online presence. The 5 page examples include; the home page, the about page, the portfolio page, the blog / press page, and the contact page. Website owners can provide majority of their company’s information within these 5 pages in a simple yet attractive manner to grab the attention of their customers.
  • The Silver Package – This package is the next level up from the Bronze. This package is generally ordered by businesses who are who have been in operation for some time longer than the companies who choose the Bronze package as these business have more information that they want to display in comparison to a newly started company. This package includes 10 customisable pages to use at your disposal. Even if these pages are not all used from the start, the remainder of pages are always available at your disposal. This package is also perfect for your new church or parish website.
  • The Gold Package – Generally used for businesses who are wanting to use their website as sales and profit generation tool. This package is perfect for serious businesses and organisations wanting to acquire a strong online presence on the internet. With a huge range of service offerings including a free logo design, advanced SEO monitoring, and unlimited number of pages and monthly Google analytical reports, this package is a step above and beyond the Bronze and Silver package at a very affordable price. It’s obvious as to why this is our best seller.
  • The Platinum Package – Some have called this package “The whole 9 nine yards“, as the saying goes. This package includes everything from online shopping functionality to highly detailed and specific customisation of theme templates. With this package, we also provide content marketing assistance using our digital marketing and branding knowledge we acquire, as well as social media advertising assistance. You may use an unlimited amount of pages to display your content alongside full width customisable sliders and Google maps embeds.

We’re also extremely mobile conscious. Stats have shown that over 50% of website traffic on our existing websites, are mobile and tablet website visitors. For this reason, we ensure that all our sites we design are responsive and are not compromised when a smaller screen size is used to view the site.

Additional services screenshot


You as the customer now have the ability to view, compare and order these services online, through our online service store. Here’s how:

  1. Visit our site –
  2. Click the “Website Packages” tab on the top bar of the site
  3. Select the “Website Packages” option if you are wanting to order a website package, or the “Additional Services” option if you already have a site with us and are wanting to further optimise your site.
  4. Click on the website package or additional service you are interested in to read more details about the package.
  5. Click the “Add to cart” with your chose package.
  6. Before checking out, make sure to add the website hosting additional service and the website maintenance service if you need these, and any other services you may want. Click the “add to cart” button to add these with your website package order.
  7. Navigate to the checkout page to complete your order.

No need to add credit or debit card details. We will review your order and get back to you shortly after your order has been processed.

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