About Us

Our Unique Story

Many moons ago, on a not so starry night, a few cavemen were hanging their skins as they retired to their cave after a long day in the office. Okay, that may be too far back.

Over 130 years ago, Abbot Francis Pfanner founded the Mary-Anne-Hill (Mariannhill) monastery. Not long after that, Mariannhill Missionaries was established, which gave birth to the ever famous Mariannhill Mission Press, which still runs strong today. Fast forward to May 2011, the press realised it was moving out of the stone ages and critically needed an online presence. Instead of approaching another web development company, Mariannhill Media was created.

Today, Mariannhill Media is in operation on a national and international scale. We are a small team of passionate designers, creators and story tellers. We mainly specialise in Catholic media and have been able to design over 120 Catholic websites alone. We also never say no to any business enterprise who is looking for a slick, professional design, or a personal blogger wanting to make himself known.

Our Team

We are a small team of 3 creative superhero's:


Kyle is currently heading up Mariannhill Media. He is also studying a Bcom degree, specializing in Financial Management, which he will graduate from at the end of 2015. Kyle is highly interested in web design and hopes to pursue this field in his future. If you're lucky enough to bump into Kyle at the beach or at a Jeremy Loops concert, make sure to say Hi.

Email: kyle@mhmp.co.za


Kudzi is a web designer and married with 2 kids. He is currently pursuing studies in HTML and CSS coding. A devoted catholic and likes reading motivational material during his spare time. Although Kudzi is relatively new to the organisation, he is extremely interested and motivated by the potential of the future in this regard. He is also very friendly and always willing to help.

Email: kudzi@mhmp.co.za


I am a Father, Husband, Friend and Business Man……I am Passionately Positive about life! I will push your boundaries and accepted norms in order to HELP you be more effective in the work you do.

I started my own printing business at the age of 22. Eighteen years later I sold it to Mariannhill Mission Press and joined them as the Managing Director. I use my business skills to help prove the need to collaborate with business in order to sustain the good work of the Catholic Church, mainline Churches and non-profits.

I bring streetwise Entrepreneurial skills, my faith and the confidence to ask “stupid” and challenging questions! I want to HELP you be the very BEST that you can be!

There is a great need for good work to be done in the world…..Let’s get busy!

Email rob@mhmp.co.za

Statement of Ethos


The Mariannhill Mission Press is owned by the Mariannhill Mission Institute, a South African province of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Mariannhill, which is a Roman Catholic religious institute founded in 1909 in South Africa. It's special task is to share in the missionary task of the Roman Catholic Church and so to proclaim and build God's kingdom and hence to do mission work among those who do not yet or no longer believe in Christ Jesus.

The Mariannhill Mission Press is administered by a board of trustees, formed of both, members of the Mariannhill Mission Institute and lay managers.

Being at the service of the manifold mission of the Mariannhill Mission Institute its profits are used to finance it's many missions and also to contribute to a better world in general.


The Mariannhill Mission Press is rooted in the vision of Abbot Francis Pfanner, founder of the Mariannhill Monastery. Already at the end of the 19th century he founded, edited and printed publications. In his view, the press had to play a prominent role in the service of the missions. It is therefore on the zeal and creativity and those of his community for the press that the culture and tradition of the Mariannhill Mission Press is grounded.

Inspired by the prophetic character of the founder and in line with the signs of the times, the Mariannhill Mission Press is today dedicated not only to the press, but also the media.

It's motto is Ora et Labora (Pray and Work), which means that work is considered as a form of worship and as a spiritual values coming from the God prayed. The Mariannhill Mission Press culture is also marked by the vision of integral human development, which Abbot Francis Pfanner promoted: a vision of the human being encompassing all it's various dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.


This culture and tradition are indeed expressed in a core set of fundamental human, Christian and Roman Catholic values and beliefs. They are fundamental in the ethos of the enterprise. Such values are: mutual respect and dignity of each person, truth, honesty and integrity, justice, love/charity and service, and forgiveness. Hence the Mariannhill Mission Press is absolutely non racial. Though it is Roman Catholic, it is opened to all denominations or churches, and other faiths. It respects their belief but protects its integrity at the same time


The Mariannhill Mission Press vision and ambition is to stand as the custodian of the culture and tradition it inherits, seeking to preserve and transmit them, even as a normal business firm. It also aspires to be a standard of excellence as business,that is, of competence, productivity and success while holding high its characteristic values: integrity, availability, kindness, love and service. These fundamental values are here brought into harmony with the attributes of a modern business


The Mariannhill Mission Press aims to implement or give reality to its culture and tradition, values and beliefs and to its vision. On a practical level, it aims to answer in priority and in a privileged way the needs of the the Roman Catholic Church; secondly, of other churches, communions or denominations; finally, of any person, group, community or organisation that works at the building of a better world. It also aims to practice fruitful cooperation with all, to foster development in general and to promote an inclusive approach to life. Finally, it aims to make all its employees feel at home in the enterprise, so as to create a spirit beneficial to all and to society.


All the above leads to and is expressed in a certain pattern of dispositions, inclinations, even behaviours; furthermore, it leads to and is shown in policies, practices and actions.

If the employees do not belong to the Roman Catholic Church or share in all its values or beliefs, they are required to at least commit themselves to respect and abide by the ethos of the enterprise.

The Mariannhill Mission Press recognises and welcomes diversity. It shows respect to each other person: employers for their employees, employees for their employers, and both both for customers and suppliers, whom they treat in the best manner possible. The enterprise does its best to even foster self-development. It shows openness to all and provides a milieu that fosters a sense of dignity and self satisfaction for all. All welcome all in the same way, with special respect and kindness. When wrong, all apologise or ask for forgiveness. And all forgive readily. New beginnings are possible, but a strong sense of responsibility is also expected of all. Both, enterprise and employees hold the importance of rules.

From the above it follows that qualities like mutual listening, team work, tolerance, punctuality as a mark of respect, cleanliness and creativity are not overlooked. On the contrary, all feel bound by them.


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