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Come back, Comboni!

On the 5th October 2003, Daniel Comboni was canonised. On that occasion, Cardinal Gabriel Zubeir of Karthoum, cried out in his homily: “Come back Comboni, … Continue reading

Keeping an eye on the cops

One of Parliament’s major tasks is overseeing the performance of the executive branch of government; that is, all the ministries and departments, including the Defence … Continue reading

A man of many relationships

Fr Joseph Rebelo Daniel Comboni was an outstanding missionary. He was a very capable and holy person—multi-skilled and with a rare intellectual capacity. He was … Continue reading


All the photos of Daniel Comboni that exist, show him in a serious mood. It was the style of “posing” of that time: the person … Continue reading


Land of the Cross. Bianca Berg-Mathiassen Symbol of the country’s ancient spiritual roots, the Cross is a sign of the deep religiosity of the people of … Continue reading


Almost any culture, ethnic group or civilisation, since time immemorial, has a creation myth—to explain the existence of life and help people to cope with … Continue reading

Our original selfishness

  “Our innate tendency is to egotistically save ourselves, because we are born self-centred. Our work for salvation implies that, with God’s grace, we override … Continue reading


Africa, land of hope Franco Moretti, Editor of Nigrizia On 18–20 November, Pope Benedict XVI visited the country of Benin where he consigned the document … Continue reading

Basking in the strength of the mystery

BASKING IN THE STRENGTH OF THE MYSTERY What our faith assures us is the final liberation of humankind through God’s intervention and our personal and … Continue reading

Evolution, evil and original sin

BY DARYL P. DOMNING*, PROFESSOR OF ANATOMY One of the iron laws of God’s universe is Darwinian natural selection, which enforces selfish behaviour on the … Continue reading

The sins of our fathers

Sometimes we pay a high price for the mistakes and sins of our parents and our own—not because of God’s punishment but because of nature’s … Continue reading

The father of African Christianity

“Daniel Comboni distinguished himself for his total dedication to the missionary cause for which he spoke, worked, lived and died”, it is said in the … Continue reading

The holiness of Comboni challenges us

What are we celebrating on this tenth anniversary of Comboni’s canonisation? We wish to celebrate the missionary holiness of a man who was able to … Continue reading